GEORGETOWN, Feb 26 – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said in a press conference yesterday told Putrajaya to hand over the management of ferry operations to the Penang State Government that they are ready to take over the Penang Ferry service and saying it would result in better service to the public.

“The ferry is an icon of Penang and we must protect the iconic heritage, which is the symbol of Penang,” CM Lim said yesterday. He said his administration disagreed with a recent proposal to raise ferry fares because the service was not up to the mark such as ferry services have not improved and no new ferry is added which is every year see the ferry getting older and older.

He claimed that the state government could do a better job of managing the ferry operations, saying there would be new investments to improve services and a more efficient management of finances. He alleged that poor financial management was the reason the current operator was suffering annual losses on ferry services, including RM23 million in 2013. However, Lim said the ferry operations must be in a healthy financial state before the state would take over their management.


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