GEORGETOWN, Feb 27 – Jade Emperor’s Birthday Celebrations At Chew Jetty, Penang which happening on yesterday with thousand of people attended. Some 1,000 devotees from the Chew jetty and surrounding temples went on a three-kilometre walk of faith, carrying the statue of the Jade Emperor and other deities for the very first time to mark the birthday of the deity. 

Organised by the Chew Jetty, the walk started at the jetty and passed through the Xuan Mu Temple at Weld Quay, Malay Street, Beach Street, Chulia Street, then to the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, China Street and back to Beach Street and Chulia Street before returning to the jetty. Chew Jetty chairman Chew Hock Ean said it was the first time the devotees held the procession on foot.

“What we do is invite the Jade Emperor from the Xuan Mu Temple to the Chew Jetty with the hope that he will bless us, ensure our safety and protect our livelihood in the years to come,” he said yesterday. Chew said the procession was previously held at sea for the last two years using boats. Devotees also carried deities from the Lim Jetty, Xuan Mu Temple and others.

DSC_0022 editedSeow Heng Li and family also is the devotees. “Our family have started to worship Jade Emperor since last year with a whole big roast pig, some seafood, kuih and some fruit. Besides that, we will continue to worship to Jade Emperor every year even if there is no desire to come true”, Seow said.



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