GEORGETOWN, March 3 – A shooting incident was happen at the Scotland Road/York Road junction on 9:30pm yesterday. There were a man was gunned down and a passenger in the car was managed to escape. 

“The driver, 50s, was slowing down his car, a Honda Odyssey, near a traffic light when two assailants on a motorcycle ride next to the car and opened fire shooting he at least seven times. He died at the scene. Meanwhile, there were a passenger, also 50s, managed to escape the shooting by opening the car door and running away,” said Penang deputy CID chief Asst Comm P.R. Gunarajan.

“Police were collecting evidence at the scene. Besides that, a passenger in the car who managed to escape was now at the police station,” Penang deputy CID chief Asst Comm P.R. Gunarajan added.


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