GEORGETOWN, March 12 – The complex was built by Messrs Developer Nuwata Sdn Bhd for development schemes in the area Jalan Permai. The developer has submitted ketuasan complex with 4,020 square meters to the Council “, the Penang Municipal development as one sya.rat datam Planning Permission. Capacity is based on the construction of a complex of residential units above 2,000 houses. 

The complex includes the following facilities: –
i) Unit 58 Stalls In The Market
ii) Unit 23 Food and Beverage Outlets
iii) Public Toilet
iv) Facilities Parking

According to the rate calculation, each booth rental will be charged under the RM 3S0 month.  This rate does not include a fee of 6% GST. For information, the Council will conduct open interviews for induction into the dealer charging this complex scheduled for March 25, 2015 at the Town Hall, Jalan Kota Lama field mulaijam 8.00am.

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