GEORGETOWN, March 13 – Penang aspires to be a liveable city that is cleaner, greener, healthier and safer. The Penang Green Council (PGC) was established to assist Penang’s objective of being the first green state in Malaysia that includes incentive programs to encourage sustainable development that protects the environment and quality of life. In the efforts of promoting green culture and practices, it is often more important to make things happen other than preaching slogans. Penang launches the “Be Green, Make A Difference” campaign by allocating more than RM 657,000 in green incentives to promote sustainable use of resources and development.

No.Awards & IncentivesAllocation in 2015 (RM)Allocation in 2014 (RM)
1.Penang Green Innovation Incentive400, 000200, 000
2.Penang Green Office110, 0000
3.Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive10, 0000
4.Penang Green School Award85, 00085, 000
5.Penang Green Journalism Award28, 00028, 000
6.Penang Green Video Contest14, 00014, 000
7.Penang Environmental Stewardship Award –0
8.Penang Environmental Sustainability Award0
 Total657, 000327, 000


(1) Penang Green Innovation Incentive (PGII, since 2013)

The total disbursement of Penang Green Innovation Incentive (PGII) has been increased to RM 400,000 by the State Government from RM 200,000. PGII is an annual scheme that provides cash grants and assistance for sound environmental sustainability solutions including innovative product, technology or processes. For example, we are looking for innovative solutions for used glass bottles wastes in Penang as there is not yet a proper disposal and collection system. Successful applicant will be given benefits include seed money of up to RM 150, 000 and/or patent financing of up to RM 50, 000 and guidance on patent application and mentoring on entrepreneurship and product readiness.


(2) Penang Green Office (PGO, since 2013)

The Penang Green Office (PGO) Project has been revised and updated with the recent collaboration with Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang Sdn Bhd (PBA) to incorporate Aqua Save Certification in the current PGO assessment. The new assessment will be made available in April 2015 and serves as a double certification for applicants – Penang Green Office and Aqua Save.  An incentive of 50% of assessment rate or RM 5, 000 (whichever lower) will be offered to the 22 certified green offices which due for re-certification in 2015. I hope all public and private offices will come forward to take part in this project to enhance positive behaviour and environmental friendly practice at workplace.


(3) Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive (PRHI, new)

Penang consumers enjoy the lowest domestic water tariff in the country. Unfortunately, this has caused domestic consumption to reach 298 litres per capita per day (l/c/d) on end of February 2015, the highest domestic water consumption in the country. Penang’s water consumption compares unfavourably to the national average of 212 (l/c/d) and the United Nations (UN) recommendation of 100 (l/c/d).  Following the Water Conservation Surcharge introduced by PBA, PGC introduces the Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive (PRHI), aimed at reducing the dependency of treated water for non-potable purposes and encourage healthy water practice amongst Penangites. PRHI is an incentive to commercial and residential building owners with installed rainwater harvesting system. This is also in line with the Malaysian Government’s initiative to encourage the implementation of Rainwater Harvesting System through the amendment of the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 (UBBL 1984). FIRST 20 applicants in year 2015 with completed application form and documents will receive an incentive of RM500.  Incentive rewarded will be on a “first come, first serve” basis.


(4) Penang Green Pinang Award

Apart from the above, this year, we will continue awarding environmental excellence under the big umbrella of Penang Green Pinang Award.  The following awards will be given:

 Category Status
1Penang Green School AwardSince 2010
2Penang Green Journalism AwardSince 2011
3Penang Green Video ContestSince 2011
4Penang Environmental Stewardship Award *New
5Penang Environmental Sustainability Award *New

PGC will also be giving “Green Pinang Certificate of Appreciation” to individuals and organisations from all over Penang which has been acknowledged, recognised and/ or awarded nationally and/ or internationally in regards to their environmental achievements.

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