KUALA LUMPUR, March 16 – The Pakatan Rakyat leadership must make a clear stand whether it supports Kelantan’s hudud bill that will be tabled in legislative assembly next Wednesday and decide what needs to be done about the matter, says Gobind Singh Deo. The DAP legal bureau chairman also accused Kelantan hudud technical committee chairman Datuk Mohd Amar Abdullah of being dishonest for saying that his contention – that it was a completely new bill to be introduced to the state assembly sitting – was his personal view.

Gobind said in a statement today that what Kelantan proposed to table next week was far more than mere amendments and was a reintroduction of the entire 1993 Enactment. He added that the bill was called Rang Undang-Undang Kanun Jenayah Syariah (II) (1993) 2015,  and was not a bill merely to amend the 1993 Enactment. “It is not a bill to amend the 1993 Enactment. “It is a new bill in itself which includes practically the whole of the substance of the 1993 Enactment,” he added.

Gobind said that he was not the only one who found that to be the case. He added that the Pakatan leadership council made up of DAP, PAS and PKR leaders had also acknowledged this fact when they were shown the bill by PAS Kelantan on Thursday.  He said this was the reason PAS was asked to take the matter back to the state government for reconsideration. “PAS Kelantan is fully aware of the fact that hudud is not part of the Pakatan Rakyat agenda but yet it wants to table and pass a bill which contains provisions to this effect,” he added.

Gobind said that it appeared as if PAS was moving this new bill as it wanted the stamp of approval from Pakatan for hudud and the entire 1993 Enactment. He added that there was no consensus among Pakatan on the matter, stressing that this could not be allowed to go on. “We have said time and again, it is unconstitutional and impractical in terms of its application in Malaysia,” he said. The bill was also against the common policy framework of Pakatan Rakyat, which did not include hudud or the implementation of it anywhere in Malaysia, he said.

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