GEORGE TOWN, MARCH 19 – A Penang DAP lawmaker has urged for all ties with PAS, starting from Penang to be severed at all levels as he claimed that PAS cannot be trusted any more following the party’s stand to implement syariah law or hudud. Jelutong MP Jeff Ooi urged the state government to immediately suspend all forms of cooperation and collaboration with the Islamic party in state and local governments, village security  and development committees (JKKK) and field officers and “burn the bridge” with PAS.

He slammed Barisan Nasional’s non-Muslim component parties,  MCA and Gerakan for keeping mum on the matter and for not stopping PAS from tabling the syariah law and described their act as a form of “Chinese soap opera “. Describing Pas’s insistence on tabling the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Enactment II (1993) as a “distasteful birthday gift of sorts” to DAP, which celebrated its 49th anniversary yesterday, Ooi said that the act by PAS had an ulterior motive which could lead to the dissolution of the coalition formed in 2008. “That is total betrayal and we have been stabbed in the back.

“Malaysia is a secular country by definition of the Malaysian Constitution and PAS has chosen the wrong country to implement hudud by going against the fundamental tenets of the Constitution.” Ooi accused PAS and Umno of having a primary target to form a unity government comprising both the parties in Selangor, subsequently destabilising Pakatan Rakyat in that state. In Selangor, PAS holds 14 out of 43 state seats that form the Selangor state government and with the unity government comprising Pas (14), Umno (12) and one independent will control 50% of the state assembly and start to destabilise PR.

He stressed that the Islamic penal code was never part of the pact’s common policy and the move to proceed with its tabling yesterday was a “betrayal” of the consensus. “PAS can longer be trusted. What PAS did was a stab in the back and a betrayal. PR must take firm action to severe ties with PAS at all levels in Penang immediately. His call, if heeded, would mean that Permatang Pasir state assemblyman Datuk Mohd Salleh Man should be removed or suspended as the president of the Penang Islamic Religious Council (MAINPP). “The state government can propose names as matters regarding land and religion come under the purview of the state,” Ooi explained.

He also pointed out that a PAS-Umno unity government in Kelantan would mean further cooperation between the two parties in Selangor. He recalled how former Jelutong MP and DAP national chairman, the late Karpal Singh had fought against PAS Islamist agenda to safeguard the country’s Constitution and it’s secular system. DAP, he said, must live by the spirit and sentiments of Karpal, the tiger of Jelutong in face of the PAS betrayal like how Karpal used to stand his ground firmly on the matter. “DAP must immediately send out the right and firm signals to PAS that its act of betrayal against PR is unholy,” said Ooi.

The DAP top leadership should take a collective stand against PAS’ political back-stabbing and betrayal in its central working committee meeting next Monday,” said Ooi. He also took a swipe at the so-called liberals in PAS and party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for keeping mum on the hudud bill in Kelantan. “By keeping silent, it means they are condoning the act. “This is not the time to be silent. They must speak up and make their stand clear on the matter,” he added.

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