KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim was urged in Parliament to act against people who incited public hatred instead of against people who were just “asking for information”. In making this call, Kapar PKR Member of Parliament G. Manivannan claimed that a man by the name of Razak Dahaman, who ran a Facebook page called Ayahanda Raja Provokasi, had been making provocative statements and posting pictures that could threaten public harmony.

“This man has attacked the royal institutions, the IGP, religion and the Chinese and Indian races.” Manivannan said police must act immediately against such a person “who has no respect for anyone but who is still running free”. “Police have been going around arresting opposition MPs, social activists and members of the public who just want answers.” He pleaded with the IGP to act against such people instead of being “Twitter-happy”.

Manivannan said he had asked the public to lodge reports against Razak, although checks by The Rakyat Post showed that the page has already disappeared from Facebook. He hoped that the IGP would take immediate action, in the same way Manivannan said Khalid had acted against the Opposition. Manivannan also pointed out that Razak, in one of his Facebook postings, had claimed that he was “higher” than the king. He said in a more recent posting, Razak showed a picture Lord Muruga’s statue in Batu Caves being blown up and two men dragging a cow’s head in front of the statue. According to Manivannan, such posts could create problems in a multi-cultural country like Malaysia.

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