KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 – The Royal Malaysian Customs Department had left out 18 questions in its response to the 106 Goods and Services Tax (GST) questions posed to them by protesters. Customs Department director-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Khazali told The Rakyat Post in an immediate response that the questions were left out as it did not pertain to matters under the purview of his department.

The questions left out included on how the government will make use of the money collected from GST, its mechanism to monitor prices, money spent to implement GST, income tax mechanism, salary increment for MPs, plans for free healthcare, panic buying, the number of customs officers who will monitor premises and the price list of common goods and services.

A question asking if the government had given its consideration on anti-GST comments by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and the former Finance Minister Tengku Razaleigh was also dropped. The questions pertaining to the GST was handed to the department during an anti-GST protest at the Customs Department headquarters in Kelana Jaya on Monday. During the rally, the protesters demanded answers to 106 questions on GST, which the Customs Department assured that the answers would be uploaded onto its official website.

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