PETALING JAYA, March 31 — The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) has warned it will come down hard on errant and unscrupulous taxi drivers. Its enforcement chief, Datuk Paduka Che Hasni Che Ahmad, said: “Since January until the second week of March, there were 661 cases of cabbies not using the meter during our undercover operation around Klang Valley hotspots.”

He said a total of 537 taxi operators and drivers had been suspended and had their licence revoked since last July. “It involves various offences including 294 for overcharging or not using the meter, 13 for failure to produce receipts, and 17 for refusing to pick up passengers, eight criminal cases, one person for obstructing SPAD officers from carrying out their duties, 23 for misbehaviour and 178 for other offences,” he said.

Che Hasni said taxi drivers topped the list of offenders in SPAD’s enforcement books as statistics showed that 6,691 cases were recorded since January 2011 until February. “They consist of 2,297 cases of drivers not having their driver’s card, 1,252 cases of failure to use the meter, 1,120 cases for failure to produce permits or related documents and 395 cases of parking their taxis at unauthorised locations and embarking or disembarking passengers at inappropriate locations,” he said.

He said 903 were also charged for waiting too long at unauthorised locations. The enforcement chief, however, insisted unscrupulous cabbies are only a minority in the taxi industry. “Majority of cabbies in Klang Valley are hardworking and honest people. But there are still many who continue to tarnish the name of their fellow comrades,” he said. It is learnt that around 350 vehicles are currently being held at SPAD’s storage yard in Sepang. It includes stage buses, express buses, school buses, tipper trucks, tour vans, private vehicles for offering Uber services and taxis. “We mean business and we won’t compromise on errant cabbies. If you continue to flout the permit regulations, your taxi will end up at the impound storage depot,” he said.

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