KUALA LUMPUR, April 5 – A resident from Kampung Pening-Pening in Pasir Baru, Semenyih, near here was the first to arrive at the scene where a helicopter with six passengers on board crashed. Describing the incident as the most tragic he had ever witnessed, Abdul Rahim Alin, 42, said he arrived at the scene with another resident just minutes after the S365 owned by IGB Corporation went down.

Relating his experience, he said he knew of the incident after he heard sirens from Fire and Rescue Services Department vehicles which sped past his house. He said he suspected something amiss and rushed out of his house and followed the fire engines on his motorcycle along with a friend. “Earlier, I heard a loud blast, but it was quite a distance from my home. “I thought it was a house on fire and followed the fire engines till they arrived at the scene, which was at a palm oil plantation owned by one of the residents here.

“I then saw thick smoke in the airRahim said he and his friend then left their motorcycle and followed the firemen into the plantation. When he reached the location about 50 metres away, he said they noticed the chopper was in pieces and parts strewn all over the place. “What we could not bear to see was a body which was still on fire lying just beside the downed chopper,” he said. He said he initially assisted the firemen to douse the fire, but was later ordered to stay clear of the mishap. “I could smell human flesh on fire and what I saw is something I will never forget,” he said. He said this was the first such incident in his village, where he has lived for more than 42 years,


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