KAJANG, April 6 – Into the third day of the helicopter crash investigation, police have so far ruled out any case of sabotage in Saturday’s incident at Kampung Pasir Baru in Sungai Pening-Pening, here. Selangor police chief Datuk Seri Abu Samah Mat said police cannot confirm whether there are elements of sabotage until Air Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) in the United Kingdom completes their investigation at the crash site He said the investigation is still classified as an accident.

“Until AAIB’s reports are complete and unless there are indications of criminal elements, the case will not be reclassified,” he said. Abu Samah said the authorities are having trouble now, on how to shift out the bigger parts of the wreckage. “We will discuss with Transport Ministry on the options, before it’s (the wreckage) taken to PDRM’s air unit in Sungai Besi,” he told reporters. He said most of the major components have been found within the search area.

“We are waiting for AAIB to give us the green light, to remove the parts. We don’t want to simply remove the parts, as it may jeopardise investigations,” he said. Abu Samah said police forensics team will comb the crash site again once the bigger wreckage parts are lifted. Meanwhile, Transport Ministry’s chief secretary Datuk Dr Ismail Bakar who was also present said the removal of wreckage will take up to 3 days, depending on the availability of government assets. 

“The search and rescue team are having difficulties to remove the bigger parts of the crashed helicopter due to the terrain. We are looking at possibilities such as air lift or others means, which will not harm the plantations in public land “he said.

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