GEORGETOWN, April 7 – Development Project was mengatami ketewatan in any of the five extension of time (EOT) has been awarded as follows:

a) EOT 1 -21.01.2014 (120 days)
b) EOT 2- 10.13.2014 (265 days)
c) EOT 3 -28.02.2015 (138 days)
d) EOT 4 -21.03.2015 (21 days)
e) EOT 5 Working with Delay Fines (LAD) imposed during 12hari starting to 2.4.201 03/22/2015 5. 

The Council has carried out several projects Upgrading Jalan Masjid Negeri And Surrounding Areas gradually to reduce congestion on major roads in the city of Georgetown. To this end the Council has appointed consulting engineers of the Smart Consulting Engineers to design and supervise the project – the project. Council has appointed contractors Messrs Yuan zinc Buirding Sdn Bhd for the project Upgrading Jalan Masjid Negeri and the surrounding area – Package 4, A: Upgrading the roundabout Kinka part in the open tender contract price of RM7,299, 60.00. The original term of the contract is for 17 months, which began 23.04.2012 to 09.23.2013.

The cause of the delay of 18.5 months is as follows: – Transfer of trees. The public and the NGOs protested through the daily newspapers of the proposed felling some trees that cause work at the construction site stopped temporarily and all the trees involved can only be transferred without logging. This causes extra work to transfer the amount of 60 trees where more time is needed. The suitability of the site where the trees are to be transferred is important to sesebatang trees dead or alive. In addition, to avoid traffic congestion, only one or two trees can be removed only for a day. Pruned trees require a certain period to allow new shoots to grow before it can be transferred to ensure that the trees involved can live.

The overall transfer process tree causing delays during the ten (10) months. Relocation of utilities is a major cause of delay in this project. The work involves the conversion utility Telekom Malaysia, Time Dotcom, IWK and PBA. Meeting with the utilities have been held since the beginning of the project to inform the utility that they need to reposition utility that interfere with work at the construction site. Delays caused by the utility at first is because they refused to bear the cost of re-utilities. When asserted that MBPP will not bear any utility relocation costs, they need to apply the provisions of this utility relocation work. This problem is exacerbated when the exact location of the utility is difficult to identify even ‘underground mapping’ has been created.

Time Dotcom started relocating their utilities on 22 April 2014 and was completed on August 10, 2014. Linkage ‘fiber optic’ completed on 13 September 2014. Telekom Malaysia began relocating their utilities on August 22, 2014 and was completed on December 2, 2014. The transfer of utility LWK just beginning January 5, 2015 and completed on 13 Januari2015. Utility relocation cause delays for 8 months. Other works in this project such as road widening and construction of the ‘U’ turn that does not involve the transfer of utilities have been completed much earlier. however the opening dizziness ‘U’ and Agape production in Jalan Delima signal can not be made because the roads in the area with utility can not be widened.

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