GEORGETOWN, April 24 – As dance enthusiasts from around the world celebrate the World Dance Day, this marks another milestone in Penang’s cultural dance development with the official launch of Pertubuhan Tarian Euphoria Pulau Pinang at St. Jo’s, Gurney Paragon Mall.

Led by Aida Redza, a professional artist who possesses vast experiences in performing, teaching and choreographing around the world; and supported by a team of dedicated individuals, Euphoria Penang aims to promote and develop new creation dance that revitalises Penang’s multicultural dance traditions while providing a platform of opportunities for these talented artists from diverse interest, backgrounds and age to come together.

Since the World Heritage listing of George Town in 2008, Penang has become a city well knowns for its rich heritage, history and culture. The addition of new dance group, Euphoria Penang will go a long way towards Penang taking the initial steps to be transformed into a cultural and art hub in Malaysia with world class performances.

According to Aida Redza, “We are very keen to present for out public, some of the best and modern aspects of Malaysia through modern cultural dance that is reinvented in a new creative approach from our own cultural dances. My goal is to get talented artists from variuos backgrounds to come together to collaborate and develop the art of making Modern Cultural and Contemporary Dances in Penang. Here I wish to call upon talents to return and join us in Penang.”

She also added, “Dance is a link between people and we carry the world in our bodies. With these passions, we are dedicated to bring the world class dancers and performances to promote Penang’s culture to the world.” Despite being a young corporation, Euphoria Penang has constantly caught the heart of public whenever they perform. In less that a year, Euphoria Penang has gained mass publicity.

It was given the opportunity to perform at more than ten occasions of private and public events such as Chief Minister of Penang Chinese New Year Open House 2015, Chap Goh Meh 2015, The World Curry Festival at PIHEC 2015, Carnival Pesta Tangling 2014, Penang World Music Festival, the celebration of Gurney Paragon Mall listed in the Malaysian Book of Records and many more.

In the past year, it has featured the work of Mr. Liu Yong Sean, a world class Penang-born, Korea-based choreographer and Ms. Loh Soh Khim, the renowned founder of Penang Dance Station. Both talented artists have retirned and shared their ways of expressing the essence of Penang’s heritage and tradition through creative dances. This year, Euphoria Penang will invite more choreographers to return and share in Penang.

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