GEORGETOWN, April 25 – In tune with the mall’s celebration of Green Gratitude month, Straits Quay Retail Marina organised Think Green Go Green, in collaboration with Penang Green Council (PGC), today. The event marks the highlight of the two month celebration, Green Gratitude.

Aimed to create awareness among Penangites, YB Chow was invited to officially launch this event. Dedicated to the theme Green Gratitude, the mall was filled with recycle-theme decoration. The main decoration depicts a garden with its spade flowers, bowl mushroom, bottle trees and more. The smaller hanging gardens were also made using recycled bottles and plastics.

The event started with YB Chow’s speech and the completion of the Think Green Go Green bottle backdrop. Following the launch, Penang Green Idol 2015 started with its first speaker. A total of 27 participants from 3 categories were present to deliver their green-theme speech.

Students from various schools and institutions were present, showcasing their presentation skills and language proficiency. The semi finalists were selected during an audition that was held in KOMTAR on 4th April. The competition functioned as a platform for the young generation to express their views and enhance knowledge as well as awareness on environmental causes.

This in turn will also nurture young children to become the leaders of tomorrow not only for the people, but the environment to generate more exponential positive impact for Mother Earth. Patrons of the mall were treated to a complimentary games and activities session such as ‘Think before You Throw Game’, ‘Plant A Tree, ‘Plant A Future’, ‘Will Pedal For Power’, ‘Sew A Bag’ and ‘DIY Paper Basket’ .

There was also a fun performances featuring upbeat pounding of Recycle Bin drum. One will be amazed with the melodious music created with household items. Towards the evening, there will also be a demonstration of YOGA moves and postures on the floating stage. Patrons and yoga enthusiasts joined in the Yoga session. The event ended with a relaxing yoga session.

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