GEORGETOWN, April 25 – Opening ceremony of greening and beautification project CSR was happening at Penang Bayan Baru roundabout. CM Lim Guan Eng have been invited by City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) for inaugurate the project “Corporate Social Responsibility” or CSR-Greening and Beautification Project Roundabout Bayan Baru, which is also the roundabout of the most large in Penang.

The cost of greening and beautification of Bayan Baru roundabout by Ideal Property Developmet Sdn. Bhd. under the CSR project amounts to RM 800,000.00 which shows the components of nature and identity of Penang. There are four (4) pieces of earthenware crossbreed Penang specially designed to be placed in the roundabout Bayan Baru, which displays one of Penang’s heritage.

In accordance with the recognition of Penang City Council, CM Lim confident slogan of “Safer, Cleaner, Greener and Healthier Penang” will be achieved. This can be seen with the passion and ability of Penang City Council to green and beautify the island. Meanwhile, the Penang City Council together with the private sector of 72,093 trees have been planted throughout the Penang island. In 2014, MBPP spent a total of RM2,580,000 to develop Neighbourhood Parks and Pockets Gardens and planting trees.

It also to the work of beautification (landscaping). In 2015, it has allocated a total of RM3,372,000 MBPP to continue their job to develop several other Neighbourhood Parks and Pockets Gardens and work greening and beautification of the entire area of Penang.

If Penang wants to ensure the success of the transformation to the state of international standard and smart, the Penang must reach world standards in cleanliness, greenery, safety and health. This is the challenge of the City Council of Penang Island where rising expectations of the people together with visitors and tourists.

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