KUALA LUMPUR, April 28 – KFC Malaysia has found itself buzzing in social media locally for all the wrong reasons. A video clip of a female employee showing the middle finger towards its customers, reported to be a group of school students, has gone viral.

A group of 15 students had reportedly entered a KFC outlet in Taman Putra for lunch and had wanted to join the tables in the outlet so they could all sit as a group. A female employee serving them disallowed this, claiming it would interfere with people moving around in the outlet.

The students ignored her and joined the tables and the female employee responded by saying, “It’s better that you guys eat outside.” The female employee then started to take a video of the students with her mobile phone and the students reacted by doing the same thing.

Realising she was being recorded, the female employee then showed the middle finger towards the students. Responding at the fast food chain’s official Facebook page, KFC Malaysia senior vice president Ling Mee Jiuan said the staff involved in the incident had been suspended.

“We have met with individuals who were part of the group and based on their feedback, an extensive internal investigation is under way.” Ling said KFC Malaysia prides itself with regard to training its staff in terms of proper manners and etiquette in how they should be interacting with our customers, and this failed on this occasion. 

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