GEORGETOWN, May 2 – The Penang Hill Railway is Penang’s earlier Engineering Masterpiece. The first Penang Hill station upgrading work started in October 2012 to provide it with a new look. Phase One comprises the Lower Station extension taking into consideration the structure of the historic building and reclaims the key vistas and axis.

Lush landscaping in the public space helps to create a change in mood akin to the anticipated forest experience. Visitors are sheltered from the elements with the installation of a retractable roof at the Lower Station. As part of the Phase One project, an elevated walkway was constructed at the upper station to provide shelter to accommodate visitors from rain and shine and to allow visitors to experience the breath-taking moments at an elevated level, flanked on one side by a spectacular rainforest valley.

The Phase Two project commenced on 17th March 2014 and completed on the 30th April 2015, with a budget of RM 9.05 Million. At the apex of the hill near to the train station the focus is on enhancing visitors experience, maximizing the stunning views and resolving spaces needs. Both soft and hard landscaping have been extensively used to augment the hilltop forest experience.

The holding area has been expended for shade and shelter while large viewing decks and pathways with luxuriant planting have been fashioned into the slopes to create a journey of discovery. Three viewing decks with gardens at varying heights provide changing panoramic vistas while two additional platforms at the lower level allow rest under forest shading.The Skyway will allow stunning 360° views while fulfilling all accessibility needs.

Next will be the Phase Three project which is expected to start in September 2015 where the right wing of the Pennag Hill lower station will undergo- re-development. A deck extending over a small stream at the base will provide new F&B facilities and a souvenir shop.

The next attraction will be the 200m long zigzag canopy walk, a 1.6 km long educational nature trail and zip lines which are expected to be ready by this year end. Penang Hill Corporation will continue to bring more attractions to the hill month after month, year after year with more projects and events to make Penang Hill “THE HILL RESOT OF CHOICE IN MALAYSIA”.


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