KUALA LUMPUR, May 5 – Malaysian medical student Nur Atikah Alias, 25, who was injured in a fire at a hostel of the Russian National Research Medical University last month. It was reported that the fire broke out at 11.30 pm (4.30 am Malaysian time) on that fateful day at a 16-storey off-campus hostel of the university.

A total of 40 people, including 27 Malaysians, were reportedly injured in the incident. Nur Atikah Alias was died at Moscow’s Skifosovsky Hospital. According to Francisco Munis, the Malaysian embassy’s deputy head in Moscow, she succumbed to her injuries at about 2.30 pm local time today. 

He said Nur Atikah’s death was due to respiratory complications and that she had also sustained burns to her face, hands and legs in the April 23 blaze. “We (the embassy) are currently assisting her family members to bring Atikah’s remains home,” he said when contacted today. Meanwhile, Munis said a Malaysian was still warded in the ICU at the hospital while several others had been transferred to the normal ward. The majority had been discharged from the hospital, he said without providing figures.

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