GEORGETOWN, May 11 – Penang Islamic Party economic team along with NGO with a line of 11 people hold high the poster protests in front of Dewan Undangan before parliament. They hope that the state legislature will be Pilgrims Fund Board meeting to discuss the purchase included the storm. Penang Islamic Party asked the Federal Government for an explanation holy Fund Board to 1.88 million ringgit to buy a land from 1MDB.

“Penang half of the Muslim. In the same time, parliament is a subject where people discuss, and pilgrimage fund is related to the subject of national interest, and therefore should not be confined to discuss in the Congress,” said Penang Islamic Party economic team Chairman of the Panel Dr. Haji Dzulkefly Ahmad.

On the matter, the group has handed over a memorandum to the first deputy head of the Penang Datuk Mohd Rashid. “We suspect the money pilgrimage fund will be used to fill the company’s need for 1MDB,” he added. In the additional, there were also NGO participation in the demonstrations also includes retired military alliance.

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