GEORGETOWN, May 16 – Penang State is giving out the outstanding Students Awards Certificate of STPM 2014 at Komtar here today. It armed with the information obtained from the Malaysian Examinations Council, there was 56 candidates in the list with the excellent results 4A or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.0 from secondary schools of various schools in the country.

It also have been selected to receive financial incentives and certificate and trophies from the Penang State Government for excellence enjoyed the kids Penang. Total students is slightly reduced compared to a total of 63 people in 2013. All of the candidates will receive a cash prize of RM600 and a certificate of appreciation.

“The selection criteria was based on the average grade school has been obtained from the Malaysian Examinations Council. Congratulations to all students and schools that achieved outstanding results for the exam this time. I hope this success will be a catalyst for all schools to achieve better results in 2015,” said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Meanwhile, Penang State Government also present awards a cash prize of RM600, a trophy and a certificate of appreciation to five special top students from each community and students under the category. There were also 3 schools achieved the best overall results which will awarded in the form of a certificate of appreciation and a trophy.

In avoiding the outflow of local talent, the State Government took the initiative to establish a special Penang Future Foundation (PFF) which is a scholarship program. PFF offered to Malaysian students who excel and qualified with priority given to the Penang child to study in selected departments in institutions of higher learning in Malaysia only.

Conditions imposed on the recipients is that they must work in Penang, whether for private or public for a period of time after graduation. The state government has received RM20 million from the private sector, including the Penang Turf Club.

“The success of economic and Penang socio-political are the result of the collective efforts of all its people. While Penang were headed goal of developed countries and high-income economy by the year 2020, all this success is meaningless if it is not shared. We all have dreamed the same dream – dream of Penang,” he added.

Penang is the dream of people-oriented and based on law, and focused on 3 main groups such as individuals, communities and institutions. Dreams Penang is committed to achieve:

  1. National unity based on shared principles of justice rests, democracy, freedom, universal moral values, leadership with integrity and human dignity.
  2. Economic growth where resources are shared with the people and not monopolized by a handful of cronies.
  3. Social harmony that celebrates diversity and inclusive growth as a pillar of society that is cohesive with the utmost courtesy.
  4. Sustainable development to ensure habitat clean, green, safe and healthy.
  5. Business community and individuals to reward their courageous and brilliant and provide equal opportunities to ensure that everyone can realize their potential.


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