GEORGETOWN, May 24 – Penang Chief Minister have been attending the blood donation campaign this morning at Dewan JKKK, Bukit Bendera which was organized by the JKKK Air Putih. Blood donation campaign organized by the JKKK Air Putih is an effort to be proud of the community work which this event is meant as an attempt JKKK and Penang General Hospital lend aid and assistance to the needy. Today there were many children and adults who some time need blood to help continuously.

Meanwhile, they were also suffering from a disease called Anemia, Thalassaemia and some other diseases. Most of them came from others countries and underprivileged. “I would like to urge all communities to cooperate in order to donate blood. With this partnership we will both help each other with no regard to race or religion. In the same time, the help of these gentlemen are given would mean a lot to them,” CM Lim added.

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