KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 1 – The Malaysia Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU) president Alias Aziz plans to set up a cooperative to generate income and create jobs for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees who will be laid off. He said the setting up of the co-operative would serve as a channel to help them look for new jobs such as taxi drivers.

“We expect the co-operative to be in operation in August and we can help apply from the Land Public Transport Commission (for taxi permits). Meanwhile, the termination letters from MAS will be send out to 20,000 staff tomorrow and also an offer letter join a new company Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB Bhd) to carry out the airline business,” said president Alias Aziz in an interview.

“The employees can decide on the jobs until June 12 if they are interested and want to join up on new terms. The new airline was a small entity which it just able to accommodate about 14,000 employees. In the same time, MASEU also had received various of jobs offer from the government departments, agencies and last would not miss is the private sector to exiting MAS employees,” he said.

“Corporate Development Centre (CDC) which it was a body set up by Khazanah Nasional Bhd will support to exiting MAS employees in their career transition by providing them with a training and placement services such as talent profiling, career counselling, basic and detailed training, job seeking skills, entrepreneurship, retirement planning and placement,” he added.

“MAS employees will be set up after the dissolution of MASEU to look into their interests and welfare. I have been with MAS for 34 years. I also believed that MAS employees can accept the optional that have been given by the new company, Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB Bhd),”  said Alias Aziz.

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