GOMBAK, Jun 1 – The skeleton of a child was found buried in cement under the floor of a house kitchen during the owner redoing the kitchen in Kepong on Friday. The workers discovered the body when a foul stench coming from a hole in the floor of kitchen. 

Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohamad Adnan Abdullah believe the body of the child who found in a hole in the kitchen was a girl and also believe that her body was wrapped in the cloth and poured a fresh batch of cement into the hole to cover up her body.

“The was rented out to the tenant until April. In the same time, the tenant was asking the permission for repairs the bathroom. The owner found that the tenant had emptied the house and there was a new cement patch in the kitchen floor during they come to check the house in April,” said Gombak OCPD Asst Comm Ali Ahmad.

“We believe that the house was renting to the family since 2014. In the report we know that the young couple have two sons and a daughter. Meanwhile, we are trying track down them because this case are classified as a murder case,” he added. Lastly, the body of the child had been send to Sungai Buloh Hospital for a postmortem. The doctor ruled that the child have been death since April but the actual cause the death of the child are still in determined.

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