GEORGETOWN, Jun 2 – Penang State is giving out the outstanding Students Awards Certificate of SPM 2014 at Caring Society Complex here yesterday. The ceremony was attended by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, YB Dato, Haji Mohd Rashid bin Hasnon, YB Prof. Dr. P.Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy and YB Wong Hon Wai. 

There are 402 students of SPM 2014 are attended the ceremony which also including 5 students who achieved excellent results in special categories in examinations. They will receive some form of financial incentives from the Penang State Government. Armed with information from the Malaysian Examination Board, there were a total of 36 students from SPM in Penang have achieved the excelled A+ in all subjects. They will receive a cash prize of RM 350 and certificate.

In addition, a total of 361 students who achieved an A in all subjects such as the combination of A+, A and A- has been selected to receive a cash contribution of RM250 and a certificate. Meanwhile, there were also 5 students that each will taken home a cash prize of RM300 and a certificate for the best student category in the special categories.

Penang State Excellent Students Award Ceremony of SPM 2014There were also three OKU students who had good result which namely from left Chew Sui Teng, Crystal Neoh and Muhammad Faisal Bin Ahmad Fadzil. Chew Sui Teng, 19, from St George’s score 5A+, 2As and 1B in her SPM result. She now was taking Form 6. In her future, she would like to be a teacher which able to teach the student. Crystal Neoh, 18, from St George’s score 7A+, 1A and 1A- in her SPM result. She are going to intake a course at Taylor College in this coming July. In her future, she would like to be a musician or a psychologists. Lastly, Muhammad Faisal Bin Ahmad Fadzil, 18, from SMK Alma score 1A+, 2As, 2As-, 2Bs+, 1B and 1D. He are going to intake a course at UiTM, Merbok, Kedah. In his future, he would like be an accountant in the bank. 

Penang State Excellent Students Award Ceremony of SPM 2014

There are a twins who get get good result which namely from left Lee Zhi Sen and Lee Zhi Jin. Both twins are getting a good result which big sister Lee Zhi Jin,18, score 9A+ and 1A in her SPM result. Meanwhile, small sister,18, score 9A+ and 1A- in her SPM result. Both of them are going to intake an A Level course at Sunway College, Subang on this coming July.




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