KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 7 – Four weak earthquakes hit Sabah accordingly between 4 hours on Sunday morning. This tremors have been reported in Malaysia’s Sabah State. The latest of the weak earthquake has occurred at 11:35am, 6.1N 116.6E with magnitude 3.1 and depth 10km, Sabah. 16km northwest of Ranau, Sabah, according to a statement from the Malaysian Meteorological Department.

The earliest of the weak earthquake has occurred at 07:35am, 6.2N 116.5E with magnitude 3.0 and depth 20km, Sabah. 25km southeast of Kota Belud, Sabah. Meanwhile, The earliest of the weak earthquake was recorded at 08:49am, 6.1N 116.6E with magnitude 2.9 and depth 10km, Sabah. 13km northwest of Ranau, Sabah. Lastly, the third movement was detected at 09:16am, 5.9N 116.6E with magnitude 2.6 and depth 10km, Sabah. 1km N of Ranau, Sabah.

Malaysian Meteorological Department said this earthquakes comes after the earthquake has occurred at 1:45pm on Saturday,6.1N 116.5E Magnitude 4.5 Depth 18.4km,Ranau, Sabah. 25km Northwest of Ranau, Sabah. The two a larger earthquake which has followed at 07:15am on Friday, 6.1N 116.6E with Magnitude 5.9 and Depth 54km, Borneo. 16km northwest of Ranau, Sabah has killed at least six Singapore primary school pupils, their teacher and an adventure guide.

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