KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 19 – The Malaysian oil tanker MT Orkim Harmony went missing on June 11 at 8.57 pm have been founded at Vietnamese water yesterday. All crew member have been released by the hijackers today at 2:30am and expected to arrive at Kuantan port at tomorrow 2:00am. 

“There were 22 crew members on board which is made up of 16 Malaysians, 5 Indonesians and 1 Myanmar. So far, there are just only one of the crew member was slightly injured,” said The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA).

“Meanwhile, the tanker who carrying the 6,000 tonnes of petrol was went missing since Thursday.Besides that, the tanker was been confirmed to be in the MT Orkim Harmony and suspected has been repainted and renamed as ‘Kim Harmon’ by the hijackers,” said the Royal Malaysian Navy chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Azizi Jaafar.

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