KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 24 – The Dewan Negara told the government today about the issue that there was don’t have any plan to allow the Rohingya migrants to registered in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to work in the country.

“There will be the manipulation of UNHCR refugees with the influx of more Rohingya migrants waiting at the border to enter the country if we allow the registration. In the same time, they will start demanding other needs such as educational and medical facilities if we allow them to work,” said Deputy Human Resource Minister Datuk Ismail And Muttalib.

“It would bring about an uncontrolled influx of illegal immigrants holding the UNHCR card into Malaysia. As human beings, we understand and empathise with them. Therefore, our responsibility is to help but not by giving them a jobs,” he added in the response of a question from Senator Datuk Yoo Wei How on whether the government would allow Rohingya migrants with UNHCR status to work in the country.

Referring to the Immigration Act, Ismail said Malaysia employers will not allow to hire foreigners who do not hold the valid travel documents. He said that although all the workers are in the protection of the Employment Act, those who wish to seek legal redress must work in accordance with the law.

“The total of 1,303,126 illegal immigrants already rounding up based on a Comprehensive Settlement Programme for Illegal Immigrants (6P Programme). There were also 503,161 legalization in order to meet the needs of industries,” said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.

The government will be collected RM629,065,191 in the revenue from levy payment during the first year of the period of employment allowed under the programme,” he added. Lastly, Wan Junaidi was also responding the question from Senator Chong Sin Woon who wants to know the successful of the 6P programme.

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