GEORGETOWN, Jul 10 – 19 person of older generation was been cheated by a travel company which provided a journey schedule which is totally different on the date they travel. They have been be attending to the Tribunal of Consumers Claims Penang yesterday to request the travel company for the reparation.

The 19 older generation was from Yan Huang 312 Exercise Association of Penang form a team and scheduled an 8 Days 7 Nights trip which started on April 14 which is to travel to Beijing and Shanxi, China from Penang. They have purchased a packages with per person a RM3588 from a travel company on Butterworth.

In the same time, they would like to visit their center of the master and they have been requested the company to add in the schedule to the trip and the travel agent have been promises to do so but when they reach to the China just realise that the schedule which plan early with the travel agent was totally different.

“The travel company have been promise us to get us 2 vans for fetching us to airport but during the date, they just send 1 vans to us and giving us the 2 contacts of the driver for own dealing with the driver. At last, just have 1 vans who fetching us to the airport. Meanwhile, there were 4 person can’t join together on time,” said chairman of  Yan Huang 312 Exercise Association of Penang Ng Eng Huat, 74.

“During the plan of visiting their center of the master at Beijing but local guides say the schedule was not the the trip and also not to follow the original itinerary. When the next day we back, we have been complaint to the travel company about the issue and they have promise to reply us in two days. After two days, the travel company was totally never give us any explanation or answer,” he said.

“At last, we have decided to seek the help from Penang Consumer Association for this issues and they have suggest us to attend to the Tribunal of Consumers Claims Penang on June 1 to require the assistance of the claim from the travel company. Before that, the Tribunal of Consumers Claims Penang also been inform the travel agency,” he added.

Lastly, the arbitration tribunal has arranged on Thursday morning to hear this complaint and the judge to hear this complaint is Tuan Mohamad Nordin Bin Abdul Rauf. After the judgement, the judge have indicating the travel company to compensate per person RM 1794 to the old generation.


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