KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 13 – The official Royal Malaysian Police’s (PDRM) Facebook account had been compromised and is believed to have been hacked by hackers. The hackers was changed its profile picture and cover photos with replacing the images that carrying sentiments supporting the Islamic State (IS) extremists. A message was also posted with the message, “Viva Islamic State”, “AnonGHost was here”,  “Hidup Dr M (Long live Dr M)” and more. 

“We are the sound of the forgotten people, the freedom fighter in the cyberworld and our main target is Sionisme and israhell, if you are asking why your website got hacked by us, its basically because we want to share our message and show the world who we are, we are not looking for fame but we have a goal to achieve we supporte all hackers teams and we supporte all the freedom mouvement in the world, [sic]” the hackers posted on the page.

In addition, the group also planned to hack Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Twitter account, “Najib Razak, we are coming to you”. PDRM said on Twitter page to urged netizens to ignore the hacked messages which the official PDRM Facebook page has been hacked by irresponsible parties.

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