GEORGETOWN, Jul 22 – The launching of Kwan Im Teng Courtyard Garden A.K.A Kong Hock Keong Temple Courtyard Garden yesterday morning with State Executive Council Member of Penang YB Chow Kon Yeow, Chairman of Temple’s trustees Dato’ Seri Khoo Keat Siew, Chief Operationg Officer of Think City Dr. Neil Khor, architect Mr. Teng Pe Yang and architect Think City Mr. Daniel Lee.

An 3500 square feet garden was initial by tar Temple’s trustees and is supported by Think City. This garden was taken a several months to workout with the plan and taken 6 weeks time for the construction to done this garden. This small garden was costed with an amount of RM90,000 in this project. This garden highlights is to provide a green space on private land to the community.

“We are proud to setting up this small garden lung within the World Heritage Site. The idea for the courtyard within this compound was a result of a survey conducted by archeologies as part of a requirement by the Heritage Board as prerequisite of the renovation project of the Kwam Im Teng,” said Chairman of Temple’s trustees Dato’ Seri Khoo Keat Siew.

“This greenery garden will be provided to a needed much sanctuary for worshippers and our guest to enjoy the peace and calmness in this garden. Meanwhile, we hope that the courtyard garden precedes the installation of an intimate interpretation centre will be done of this end of the year ,” he added.

“We are jointly advocating the idea that having more green spaces is just as, or more important than having another building. The whole endeavour is a demonstration of our time and effort spent with the community and temples trustees in creating a green space for public use and to celebrate the history of the temple,” said Chief Operationg Officer of Think City Dr. Neil Khor.

“Besides that, we also ongoing with another project at Armenian Street which namely Armenian Park. This project is to improve the neighbourhood on the area and also pushing the Georgetown to the winning point with setting an urban concept for Georgetown. In the same time, we also hope that this project will be done on next year Jan or Feb 2016,” he added.

For further information or kelly maps, you may obtained through Visions of Penang Archives Online – My Heritage My Penang at (


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