GEORGETOWN, July 28 – Penang State Government Planned to build up the first Art Museum and Gallery in Penang and also Malaysia which is to take in an effort to make Penang as a centre of arts and heritage. The introduction was made by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng yestersday at Tun Abdul Razak Complex (Komtar).

“This project that will be developed on a land area of 1.82 hectares adjacent to Tun Abdul Razak Complex (Komtar) was costed around RM600 million which the original plan was to develop a RM500million project. After thorough all the consideration, we feels that we wanted to contribute back to the community,” said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“So we have scratched the original plan by developing a heritage site, a public site and also an art complex for the public. After it, state government also discuss to top up another RM100 million in this project. In the same time, we also expected to boost the economy of the state as well as to attract more talents in arts,” he said.

“I was leading in this project and this project will place Penang on the map as a well-known city of art especially with a central site for art and heritage which the art lovers buyer can directly purchase the art on the centre of Art Museum and Gallery in Penang,” said DAP MP Tony Pua DAP MP Tony Pua. 

“Lastly, we had received support from a group which was ready to invest in the project but we still in discussions with a group on the project and almost reached a consensus. We believed that our generation can be enjoyed in this first Art Museum and Gallery in Penang, Malaysia. We will announce further details of the whole project by next month,” CM Lim added.


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