GEORGETOWN, Jul 31 – A thoughtful girl who named Carmen Mark may have passed away suddenly at Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic which had donated her organs to those people who needed. Although she had passed away but she was still continue live on many people heart such as family and friends.

Carmen was the only child of Mark Kok Wah and Ariess Tan. Carmen had been started her tertiary education in Singapore by a scholarship from the republic’s National Heart Centre for some of two months ago after she obtaining 8As in her SPM examination. 

“My daughter was a special girl for us which she was a caring, friendly, bright, independent and disciplined girl. I was very proud that she have set her mind to donate her organs to help those people who needed organ to live. In my heart, she was a real angle,” said Carmen father Mark Kok Wah.

“Besides that, the cortege will be leave the house to Batu Gantong crematorium at 2pm tomorrow for cremation. On the next Thursday, we will collect the ashes from Batu Gantong and spread off to the sea due to I can’t fulfil her dream to be a nurse so I will get fulfil her last wishes as spread off her ashes to the sea. Before we spreads to the sea, we will get in UUM for their help,” he added.


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