Young Inspiration Icon, author and entrepreneur Hubert Ian Lee is also a motivator, personal development strategist and professional speaker. He has been invited to speak at 3 states across Malaysia and currently having plans to bring the worlds’ best young achievers on stage for a 1 day learning congress. It simply seems that this young man isn’t ready anytime for a stop!

HubertIanLee6But the life of this young man isn’t always this smooth. In his teens he is labeled to “not having a future and will result to nobody much”. Hubert was arrested by the police at 14 for stealing, managed his own hobby toy business badly which lead to its failure, dropped out, failed his tech startup attempt, almost ended up broke and failed 7 job interviews because his “qualification doesn’t meet expectations”. Yet this was just one part of his story.

HubertIanLee4“If nobody wanted to hire me, it’s best I hire myself!” Hubert said in a joking manner, “and do things I really wanted to do instead of living to others’ expectations!”

His life changed when he took action to change his own life. Instead of living to the expectations of others, he started taking charge of his own life to live a life of his own passion. On 2014 he competed in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) and was one of the national finalists to compete and represent the country with 2 other finalists at the GSEA Regionals at Manila, Philippines. Through this platform he learned from among the most successful individuals and entrepreneurs from across the globe! 

He is also recognized for his inspiration and empowerment to youths that they too can achieve great results and what they want by simply making a choice of change. He was also featured at 8TV for one of the nationwide development project he organized with a startup he was previously attached to.

Strongly believing that empowerment is the best source of education; he recently published his book The Book From The Future and second upcoming book Secrets Of Leadership In Life. Hubert hopes to be able to empower youths to take charge in their lives and make a decision that is truly of their own passion. “Passion builds perfection,” is what he strongly believes in.


In an initiative to change the lives of youths, he founded Tapster Research International (TRI) to empower and inspire youths by providing motivational, personal and professional development strategies that they could apply into their lives. TRI is actively engaging with youths from clubs and societies from universities and colleges to collaborate with. “Our goal is to build a young generation of passion-pursuers, a generation who fights for and takes full charge of their lives to live their lives to the fullest,” Hubert Ian Lee mentioned passionately.

[quote font=”verdana” font_size=”12″ font_style=”italic” arrow=”yes” align=”centre”]“If was once arrested by the police. I’m a dropout. I ended up almost broke. My entire business plan and invention idea was stolen, and I also lost the rights of my own product to a multinational corporation. Today, I’m an author, and I share my dreams to thousands. If I DO NOT let my past define who I am, you should too! Do I let my past define who I am today and the future of myself? If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!” by Hubert[/quote]


For more information, collaboration and speaking engagements, feel free to email to [email protected] with subject as title!


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