KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 2 – An object believe to be a door of MH370 aircraft was been found washed ashore on the coast of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, Sky News sources said Sunday. According to Sky News’ David Bowden, the object had been found in a separate location. The debris which had been found on the earlier discovered flaperon which is currently undergoing tests in France.

The process  was to ascertain if it is from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which had when missing for 508 days since last year March 8. There were also several  images of the debris which are believe to be the flaperon of a Boeing 777 aircraft on social media gave new hope in the search for the missing aircraft on Wednesday.

A website (Airlive.net) on the aaviation industry news and information had been tweeted out a picture of the debris and also been uploaded to the status as “Broken piece of wing found on La Reunion Island, could that be the flap of MH370?” 

Flight MH370 when missing from the radar about midnight on last year March 8 while was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew which mostly are Chinese from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing that had been scheduled to landed at 6.30am on that day was disappear in the radar screens shortly after taking off from Kuala Lumpur. 

In the same time, the Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation also had been announced on this year Jan 29 which the disappearance of the aircraft was an accident. Based on international aviation rules and that all 239 people on board were deemed to have lost their lives.

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