GEORGE TOWN, Aug 3 – The Grand Opening Ceremony of Flotilla Penang at Persiaran Karpal Singh with attended by hundreds of people and our honourable guest Chief Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng. Now all the pupil can now see it with their own eyes on Penang’s Award Winning Flotilla.

The flotilla of Penang was managed to win the category of “Bot Most Creative” and “Bot Most Popular” during the competition of the Flotilla “Magic of The Night 2015” which was held in Putrajaya on May 28 until May 31, 2015. There were 14 States in Malaysia and a flotilla from Suzhou, China and the Tourist and Culture Ministry was took part ini this competition for this year.

This success inspired the State Government which to bring back again the beautiful and interesting of the flotilla to Penang and exhibited for a period of 6 months at Karpal Singh Drive. The flotilla, which brought back had been costs a total of RM200,000.00 which including maintenance until the end of 2015.

In the same time, Tourist and Culture Ministry has also been contributing 100,000.00 for Penang flotilla. Penang State Government will continue to support and provide certainty for participating in the ‘Magic of the Night 2016’.


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