GEORGE TOWN, Aug 4 – A fire broked out behind the rural of Taman Gottlieb this afternoon around 5:15pm. A 55-year-old man had burned alive in the house due to he was suffering with the binocular cataracts, he can’t see the escape route when he was trying to escape. The Indian women who renting his house was successful escape but she are still in frightened on the shock.

Fire operations commander Rashim said that we received a distress call at 5:19pm. After received the call, we have sent the fire fighters to the scene within 10 minutes. There was thick smoke billowing from the wooden house during the firemen was arrived, while other houses beside it and also Penang Chinese Girls’ Primary School on the same places were not affected.

“The fire was managed to be under control and prevented to spreading in about 2 minutes by the firemen. Besides that, the fire was also completely extinguished in about 12 minutes by the firemen. There were two schools of students are still in the school when the fires was occur,” said Rashim.

“Teachers was emergency evacuation about 1,200 student to a safe place which also the school yard in very short period of time when the fire occur at the wooden house. There were about 1,200 student were emergency evacuation to a safe place. Therefore, no students were choking in the smoke,” he said.

“The causes of the fire were be still under the investigation. Besides that, I believe that a 55-year-old man which suffering with his binocular cataracts had been burned by fire in his house due to can’t see the escape route while he was trying to escape,” he added.

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