PUTRAJAYA, Aug 8 – The Court of Appeal overturned the decision which is to dismissed the proposal of the Election Commission (EC) on redrawing of the constituencies on Sarawak. The decision is allowing the commission to continue the move after the proposed additional State Legislative Seats which had been approved last year set aside the High Court Kuching.

The decision was an unanimous three-judge panel by Datuk Mohd Zawawi Salleh, Tan Sri K. Harun and Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli. In their submissions, the jury decided that the EC notice does not infringe to the constitution and in line with the schedule of the 13th Federal Constitution.

With this decision means that the state assembly will see the addition of 11 seats which are bringing the total to 82 seats. The Kuching High Court to declare the notice of the EC on the proposed redrawing it had no details on May. High Court judge Yew Jen Kie said in his judgment that no detailed breakdown will affect the respondent will make a decision.

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