SUBANG, Aug 8 –  Although fragments was founded on the Reunion island, in the Indian Ocean island nation last week on July 29 had been confirmed belong to Malaysia Airlines MH370 missing since March 8 but family members of the crew and passengers of the ill-fated aircraft still want answers to what is happening on the black.

According to the President of the National Union of Cabin Crew Children Malaysia (Nufam) Ismail Nasaruddin, the authorities must demonstrate a commitment to continue the quest for finding the plane’s black box which can be seen dismantling any questions that arise. The average of the family is still not satisfied with the findings in respect of the evidence due to it was still does not explain the cause.

“They can not accept in full because more things they might want to know. It is a different matter with the discovery of evidence, but what happened was also important for the family. It turns out that here the black box data recorder and the aircraft must be sought. This is most important,” he told Astro AWANI.

“Regarding the dissemination of information to family members of passengers and crew, we need to improve the business communication of MAS to involve in any new findings. There are some of contacted but some were not, some can be a message but some didn’t accept and they only know it from the media only. So this is the problem. Should MAS faster than the media or not? That’s the question asked from family,” he said.

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