KLUANG, Aug 8 – Puteri UMNO today called all members of the party and the people to gave space to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to clarify the issue 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) until finished. Chairman Datuk Mas Ermieyati Samsudin said all parties should respect the president and allow him to defend himself even in circumstances which everyone wants an answer on the issue.

Mas Ermieyati who is also the Deputy Minister for Tourism and Culture said that for the space to Najib to give an answer and defend itself. He said this to reporters after opening a meeting of the representatives of the Women’s wing, Youth and Puteri UMNO Division Sembrong, here Friday.

There were also attended by Deputy Chief of UMNO Division Sembrong Abd Ghani Abd Rashid, head of the Women’s Movement Noraslina Zainal Abidin, Chairman of the Youth Movement, Ghazi Onn Hafiz and Puteri division chief, Mohamad Naim Norhafizah. 

Imagine herself in a situation Najib, Mas Ermieyati stressed he would find it difficult to solve the problem and continue to defend itself if pushed and struck by all parties. “Of course people want to know the answer, we UMNO leaders also wanted answers but we need to give space to our leaders to defend himself and give an answer,” he said. 

Mas Ermieyati also stressed four things to all members of the party, especially not panic and were swayed by cultural opposition to sow dissension thus weaken UMNO leaders who anchored the party of the Malays. “That in the face of challenges at the moment, all the grass-roots politics also have to avoid narrow and politically ‘sate’ the tingling, burning and flutter with each other so as not to provoke conflict,” he added

The whole root also should focus on and intensify its efforts in strengthening the party mainly increase the membership of the party, branches and increase the confidence of voters in the general election to come. Finally, we need to reflect upon themselves. If we think we are, then, we would not be where. We have to be responsible in carrying out the mandate given and can not be hanging out,” he said.

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