TAIPEI, Aug 10 – A powerful typhoon battered Taiwan on Saturday with strong wind and torrential rain. The typhoon had been  cutting the power to 3.62 million households which had causes six people death, four people were missing and 101 were injured. Besides that, there were also hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled and more than 9,900 people were evacuated from their homes.

In the same time, the television footage trees were also uprooted and power poles toppled over. A moped being swept into the air by wind and shipping containers piled on the top of each other at the port. An official with the island’s Central Weather Bureau Wang Shih-chien said that the storm will weaken but we expect more rain, particularly in southern Taiwan. 

The storm had been made the landfall early on the island’s east-coast counties of Yilan and Hualien with bringing more than 1,000 mm (39 inches) of rain in mountainous areas and wind gusting up to 200 kph (124 mph) in the time. Although the eye of Typhoon Soudelor passed Taiwan but the time it was heading toward mainland China. The rain was expected to lash into the island until Sunday morning. 

A sewage station engineer surnamed Jiang who was inspecting pumping stations early on Saturday in eastern Taiwan said that this is the one of the worst typhoons he have ever seen. He said that his car was shaking when he was driving. Meanwhile, there are too many trees down, and he even saw six downed of the power poles. The large steel sheets and rods were blown off a half-constructed stadium and city authorities shut down much public transport in the capital.

The resident Jack Lin said the metal roof of the house next door to mine was completely blown away and also saw a car who crushed to the bits. In additional, the authorities also issued that the flood and mudslide alerts with the television showed mud trapping people and murky water nearly covering the roofs of cars in some areas. 

“Among the dead was one person who drowned in his flooded home and another who was killed by a falling tree. One adult and one child had drowned at the sea while the foreign worker was killed by a falling sign and a rescue worker was hit by a car and killed while clearing downed branches from a road,” said authorities. 

“There were also 3.62 million households had lost power. While some supplies had been restored, 1.5 million households were still without power on Saturday afternoon,” said the island’s main power company Taiwan Power. Fears that the Soudelor would be as devastating as the Typhoon Morakot in 2009 were unfounded. Morakot cut the path of destruction over southern Taiwan while leaving about 700 people dead or missing and causing $3 billion worth of damage.

The Tropical Storm Risk website downgraded that the typhoon to a category 1 storm by Saturday afternoon. It had been on a scale of 1 to 5 and indicated it could be weaken as it moves toward to the Chinese province of Fujian which it is due to hit late on Saturday.

Lastly, the authorities there have also evacuated the people on the coast and begun cancelling the flights and trains. Fujian has also been issued its highest typhoon alert. Typhoons are common at this time of the year in the South China Sea and Pacific which picking up the strength from warm waters but also losing it over of the land.

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