PUTRAJAYA, Aug 22 – Chief Executive Officer Datuk Abdul Muttalib Alias said that a total of 153,807 units 1Malaysia People’s Housing (PR1MA) was approved for construction in the country. He said a total of 24,923 units will be built in Penang; Melaka (18,171); Sabah (17.384); Selangor (16.328); Perak (15,870); Kedah (13.391); Johor (12.860); Negeri Sembilan (8,022); Kuala Lumpur (6,172); Sarawak (5,295); Pahang (4,978); Perlis (4,876); Kelantan (2,979); Terengganu (1,998) and Putrajaya (560).

“So far there was 41,587 housing units were under construction while another 112,000 are still in the planning stages. Meanwhile, 26 projects covering as many as 60,000 housing units will be voted on by the end of this year. As of last July, 1.2 million people have registered to get PR1MA house,” he said at a press conference here Friday. PR1MA is a housing scheme for urban residents earning between RM2,500 and RM10,000.

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