BUTTERWORTH, Aug 23 – The Bangkok Blast Penang third victim’s Lim Soo See funeral which happen this morning on 10:30am at Taman Dedap, Butterworth. The cortege of the Lim Soo See, 52 who had been killed in the bomb blast in Bangkok was leaved the house to Chinese Cemetery Jalan Berapit crematorium. 

Also present were YB Wong Hon Wai, YB Phee Boon Poh here to accompany the victims for the last journey today at Taman Dedap, Butterworth. The 24 year-old’s Lu Pin Quan mother, Lim Soo See was the one of Five Malaysian killed in Monday’s bomb blast at the Erwan shrine in Bangkok.

“I’m found out about the bombing from his two surviving family members. I hoped that my mother survived in the explosion, as she was the first declared missing. However, when my uncle and cousin told me that my mother was sitting in the bench where the bomb had been placed. I knew there was no hope at all. The thing that I can identified of my mother were just her fingernails. The rest of her body in five part was scarred badly,” he said.

The bomb blast at the Erwan shrine in Bangkok also were killed Lim’s sister Lim Sae Gek,49, nephew Neoh Jai Jun, 20, Lim Saw Gek’s son-in-law, Lim Tze Siang, 33 and granddaughter Lee Jing Xuan, 4. Meanwhile, Lim Tze Siang and Lee Jing Xuan was cremated on Friday. In the same time, the cortege of 2 victims of Neoh Jai Jun and Lim Saw Sek also will be held on today at 2:00pm.


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