GEORGE TOWN,  SEPT 18 – Animal lovers and non-governmental organisations carrying placards and banners came together in solidarity for dogs at Level Three of Komtar this afternoon. The purpose to protest of this afternoon is to protect the dog which had been ordered by the state government in handling rabies through mass culling of dogs.

The move was announced by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday after a meeting with animal rights NGOs which following of the two cases of rabies were held in the state. In the same time, there were also more than 100 individuals and some of the animal lovers were also seen breaking down in tears over the state government’s decision.

“I was very shock over the state government to make this decision which to killing destroy all the stray dogs in a bid to handle rabies. There was many way to solve it. They decision to killed all the stray dog was just lazy man’s way of handling the issue,”  said Teriot Fairservis, 44 from Animal lover from an NGO called Cat Lovers International.

“Don’t just use this as an excuse to kill dogs just to achieve a zero stray population in Penang. It won’t solve the issues to killing the stray dogs. Meanwhile, I think most of the people who are here should be more well informed and educated about rabies,” she added when she was been asked question.

“I was very disappointed with the state government with rash move without consulting the relevant bodies who have knowledge on strays. Yesterday we were called in for a meeting with the State Health Department and they did not exactly tell us of the whole situation and tried to get us to agree with them to kill the poor dogs,” said Another activist who runs a shelter with 600 dogs, Barbara Janssen.

“In the same time, we didn’t agree to the situation but I never thought they’d go ahead and announce the decision to kill dogs this way. There are many other more effective was to handle rabies such as in India handling the issues without killing the dog. There is a group called Mission Rabies that is going around educating people on rabies but why weren’t they consulted ?,” said Janssen.

“Just now we have sent the memorandum to the Penang Chief Minister office. We will be giving Penang State Government for 24 hours to respond about the issues due to it was totally urgent. Not sure how many dog have been killed at outside when we are here. If after 24 hours Penang State Government did not give any respond, we will find our own way to solve the issues,” said Committee Members of Stop The Killing Group Dalbinder Singh Gill.


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