MILAN, Oct 5 – Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told Malaysian journalists before departing home after a three-day working visit to Milan since Friday that Indonesian government needs to take action against parties causing the haze problem which has not only affected the air quality of Malaysia but its economy as well.

“Only Indonesia could take action against them to ensure and prove whether the haze was due to irresponsible plantation companies carrying out open burning or due to the effects of weather changes. They are operating there, we want Indonesia to take action, summonsing is one thing but proving they conducted such acts is another,” said Najib.

“Only Indonesia alone can gather evidence and convict the companies concerned with whatever actions and secondly I said whether the source of the act was due to the companies or spontaneous combustion from effects of changing weather,” he said when asked on the worsening haze situation.

Najib said the solution to the haze problem needed the close cooperation of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore to formulate more effective measures. He said it will take into consideration the agreement signed by the three countries to combat haze. Meanwhile, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are still working on interpreting the agreement into a suitable form of action to ensure the matter does not recur.

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