Guan Eng: Nothing In Return After Penang Contributed RM6.5b



GEORGE TOWN, Oct 25 – Penang Chief Minister hold a press conference on Saturday here at Komtar said the Budget 2016 which announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was as a sheer, outright, blatant marginalisation of Penang. He said Penang was contributed RM6.5 billion to the Federal Government but get nothing in return.

“Federal Government returned a mere 2% which just getting back an amount of RM764.18 million (net revenue loss) from the government. It also making a revenue of RM225 billion. That is equivalent to paying RM26 and getting RM1 back. Meanwhile, the government acts like a hero. Is it taking the people for fools?,” said Lim

“This is a malicious discrimination which we feel is unfair. It certainly does not respect the constitiution of the country as Penang is also part of Malaysia. Clearly, the budget aims to check and stifle growth of Penang. Although we are disappointed and upset at being discriminated, we have to go on with pressing on with our state projects and find our own resources,” Lim added.

Lim also lamented the lack of measures to restore the ringgit, which has been the worst performing currency in the region for months. He said there was no measures announced to salvage the currency due to there was nothing on restoring the confidence of investors. He added that there were also no measures to address corruption and financial scandals.

“Why Melaka was given allocations to expand their local airport when the state only gets 5-6 flights a week. While it is good for Melaka, why is Penang International Airport not given any allocations although it is over capacity?,” said Lim in his press conference on Saturday.

“Under the Budget 2016, there is nothing for Penang’s public transport. Although the Prime Minister had promised three times to build LRT, nothing has been allocated,” he said while also adding that the described of the Budget 2016 as ‘Indah khabar dari rupa’.


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