BUTTERWORTH, Nov 4 –  Several pictures of half funnel hitting the North Channel and the coast of Butterworth have gone viral, causing alarm among netizens and Penangites. The phenomenon that occurred about 4.20pm while several pictures sighted show the spouts moving across the channel.

Some residents have also spotted the spouts in Butterworth. However, no damage has been reported. As of 6pm, weather forecasting service weather.com recorded 10km/h winds in the area, coupled with light thunderstorms and rain. A Penang Meteorological Department forecasting officer declined to comment on the phenomenon.

Besides that, Lim said that during the incident he was in a car to get home from work. He said, when the coastal road, he was surprised to see clouds gathered and there is turbulence occurs before followed by the heavy rain. Before told by his friend which it is a common phenomenon that occurs in the sea, he said he thought it was a tornado, but no strong winds occur.

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