Lim Urge Teng Stop Engaging In The Lies On Land Reclamation



GEORGE TOWN, Dec 16 – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had urged the Barisan Nasional (BN) Penang Chairman, Teng Chang Yeow to stop engage in the lies and falsehood on land reclamation. Lim said this at his press conference in his office, Komtar here on Tuesday.

Yesterday, Penang Barisan Nasional Chairman Teng Chang Yeow told the state government to instruct the property development firm, E&O to waive its rights under the confidentiality clauses. Teng pointed out that back in 2007, when the administration of then premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi declassified agreements on the highway concession, the companies involved were instructed to waive their rights under the confidentiality clause.

He said Penang could similarly instruct the land reclamation concessionaire, E&O Bhd, to waive its rights instead of making an about turn on the state’s decision to declassify all these agreements. Today, Lim was responding to a media report where Teng claimed that Lim can instruct companies to waive confidentiality clauses.

“It is regretted that Teng continues to lie against the Penang state government. If he wants a debate, let’s have a contest based on facts and not falsehood. It is not constructive and the people of Penang will not accept that. There are confidentiality clauses was approved and signed by the previous government with the companies involved in the land reclaimation agreement,” Lim said.

“Meanwhile, the former PM Abdullah Badawi merely instructed the companies to waive the confidentiality clauses. These companies will definitely listen to the BN government. Only cronies will listen. They will not listen to me,” he said in the press conference here.

“Teng now was try to blame me which the current administration for the confidentiality clauses approved by BN, saying the latter should explain as he was the exco member when the deals were signed, why did he agree to the terms? Worse come to worse, we will just reveal the 60 acres agreement which was approved by this government. We got nothing to hide,” he added.

Besides that, exco member for Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Chow Kon Yeow had also earlier informed the press to let the legal advisor look through these agreements first while the final decision on the declassification will be decided after that.

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