Salleh: Use Social Media Wisely For Benefit Of Everyone



KOTA KINABALU, Dec 16 – The people have been urged to be watchful on what they share on the social media and to use the social media wisely for the benefit of the society and nation. Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said Malaysians should not misuse this facility to disrupt peace and harmony in the country.

“Social media is essential to our society. We rely heavily on social media and it has its negative and positive points. The important thing is social media users should use it to their advantage because it can be beneficial to the community,” Salleh told the reporters after speaking on the “Role of Civil Servants in Disseminating Information Through Social Media” at the federal administrative complex here Tuesday.

According to him Malaysia had chosen not to block social media use among its citizens as practiced in several countries, including major powers, as social media has its advantages and should be viewed positively. He said blocking social media would affect Malaysia’s competitiveness globally and thus hamper the country’s efforts to emerge as a developed nation.

“In additional, Malaysia wants to achieve a developed nation status and we had promised the world that we will not block technological developments such as social media. But this does not mean that those who misuse the social media will get away with it,” he added.

According to Salleh the ministry would continue to educate the people on the usefulness of social media and its importance as a communication channel. Earlier in his keynote address, Salleh reminded federal civil servants in Sabah to use the social media responsibly and to help them serve the community better. He said the social media should be used to disseminate accurate information and to gain public feedback so that they could act quickly on complaints and problems.

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