DiGi To Invest In Building High-quality Network Next Year



KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 21 – DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd will invest heavily in building a high-quality network that is wide, and focus on network density to ensure customers get equally seamless high-quality 4G LTE service, said Chief Marketing Officer Christian Thrane. Thrane noted that the telco will continue to steadily fast-track its network rollout to enable more Malaysians to enjoy consistent high-speed internet services on-the-go.

“We are excited that Malaysians see the value of good 4G LTE coverage, and look forward to seeing DiGi customers enjoy a consistent high-speed internet experience on-the-go for all they want to do: high-quality video and music streaming, faster sharing on social media, among others,” he said in a statement.

DiGi is also expected to rollout the 4G LTE in 10 areas next year, including Jejawi, Perlis; Lunas, Kedah; Limbang, Sarawak; and Tenom, Sabah. The company is in the midst of bringing Voice-over-LTE and Voice-over-WiFi services, and compatible 4G LTE smartphones to customers in 2016. VoLTE will improve call experiences for customers with higher quality audio, faster call connections and simultaneous use of data, while VoWiFi will help customers enjoy improved indoor coverage.

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